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13 October 2001


I've added the french documentation of Voyager, which is part of my work of end of studies. I don't think there will be someday an english version of it because it's too much work, sorry. The doc describe the basic principles used in Voyager (quad-tree, frustum culling, LOD, texture mapping,...).

Thierry aka Hurdler

11 October 2001


This is the first news about my new 3D engine. The goal of it is to build a general multi-platform terrain engine that can be used for small games, such as FPS or simulators. This means adding at least sound and network code to the current graphics engine. Basic AI and scripting may also be added.

The engine has been made in C++, using SDL and OpenGL for portability and performance. It's currtently available for Linux, Win32 and IRIX platforms. It's available under the FreeBSD license. See the informations page for more informations about the engine.

There is not a lof of things right now on the site, but you can already see some screen shots of the current engine, and download it. Help would be greatly appreciated ;)

Thierry aka Hurdler

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