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About Terrain Voyager Engine


Voyager is my new 3D engine. It has been build for my work of end of studies in computer science. I did it for DS Improve, which is an sgi reseller, to demonstrate performance of their visual workstations.

Now, my goal is to build a general multi-platform terrain engine that can be used for games, such as FPS or simulators.

What have been done

  • Pure C++, OpenGL+SDL for performance and portability
  • Frustum and backface culling (based on quad-tree)
  • LOD with Geo-morphism
  • Multi-pass, bi-texture rendering
  • Static shadow
  • Underwater effects and water animation
  • Translucent water with reflexion of clouds
  • Console with basic scripting commands
  • Basic collision detection
  • 3D models
  • Interactive mode with mouse and keyboard input
  • Interactive demos

What can be done

  • Fixing the bug with color morphing (when doing geo-morphing)
  • Detail texture
  • Optimizing the code for low end video card (more LOD, solution with less rendering passes,...)
  • Adding lighting effects
  • Adding atmospheric effects (smoke, volumetric fog,...)
  • Better management of underwater effects
  • Better 3D models support (bbox optimisation, more formats,...)
  • Adding true rivers and lakes
  • Better sky / clouds
  • More vegetation
  • Better water reflection

This list is not exhaustive.

About the author


Thierry 'Hurdler' Van Elsuwť <tvelsuwe # swing.be>

I'm also the project leader of Doom Legacy

I'm currently working for DS Improve

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